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2020 Two-Day

Summer Camp

9 to 14 yrs old

July to Aug

Be the leaders of tomorrow

In the two-day summer camp of the Junior MBA program, we aim to enrich the sustainability awareness of children through a set of stimulating, interactive exercises developed and led by experienced coaches and teachers. The Program strives to nurture creative thinking, build resilience and develop the character of the child in order to tackle real life problems in society today and tomorrow.


9 to 14 years old

What You will Learn:

✅ Environmental Sustainability
✅ Creative Thinking
✅ Resilient Problem Solving
✅ Confidence Building


The Desk, 2/F, 50 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (Map)


HK $1200 per child

Date and Time

First Cohort:

Due to current events, the event has been postponed. We will update again when situation allows.

There will be 4 cohorts in total. Stay tune, sign up our interest mailing list below for updates!

What to expect?

The programme will consist of 12 hours of fun, interactive exercise, span over 2-days period. 

Check out our Video!

Day 1 : 9am-3pm

Day 2 : 9am-3pm

Question? Contact us:


  • Sat, 01 May
    01 May 2021, 2:00 pm HKT – 08 May 2021, 6:00 pm HKT
    Steelcase, 15F, Kinwick Center, 32 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong
    01 May 2021, 2:00 pm HKT – 08 May 2021, 6:00 pm HKT
    Steelcase, 15F, Kinwick Center, 32 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong
    Take your first step in the world of Design Thinking, an approach that help solve complex problems creatively in a user centric way. Join the HeroesToo workshop through our experienced instructors to understand how it works, why it’s important and the process behind it. Limited Spaces only
2020 Summer Camp: Upcoming Events

We will announce more details when circumstance allows. Keep in touch!

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2020 Summer Camp: Video


When and where will the summer camp going to be held?

There will be 4 different cohorts for the camp, held over July to August 2020. They will be held in our Sheung Wan The Desk Location. Exact dates will be announced soon.

What is the format of the summer camp?

The summer camp program will be 12 hours span over two consecutive days (6 hours per day with several break time for refreshments). The detail hours will be TBA.

It's a full day event. What is the arrangement for meal time?

Due to ongoing health risks and dietary concerns, kids will need bring their own packed lunch and snacks. We will provide juice and water.

What does my child has to bring on the day?

  1. Packed lunch and snacks

  2. A curious mind, ready to think outside the box

Is this an accredited program?

Kindly note that HereosToo is not affiliated with any type of Junior MBA Certification and not accredited or affiliated with any official or recognised MBA School.

2020 Summer Camp: FAQ
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