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The vision guiding the HeroesToo mission is to promote an eco-friendly world through collective collaboration of simple changes in daily habits. Our mission is harnessing individual actions through the Eco-Pledge to generate a mass momentum for change for a better environment.

HeroesToo was established in July 2010 as an NGO, dedicated to restoring and protecting our environment. We achieve our mission through the Eco-Pledge, engaging and empowering the community to take action. We support the UN Global Citizen Campaign working with the UN Global Goals taking action on sustainability, global health and climate change. We are an affiliate member of the Hong Kong Business Environment Council, engaging with various stakeholders in promoting Hong Kong's environmental sustainability. 

Our HeroesToo Junior Eco-Leadership Programme and Eco-Pledge inspire and empower the community to engage in eco-friendly habits to bring about a sustainable world. We aspire to expand our outreach to create the impact needed to undo the environmental damage done and achieve our goals. We need your support.

The HeroesToo Team

Who We Are


Raymond Yap

Founder & CEO

Raymond spent 30 years in business, primarily heading up the European operations for Wong’s International Ltd., a major electronics manufacturing group listed in Hong Kong.

He also worked with Mondex, part of the Mastercard suite of smart card companies. In 1991 Raymond opted for early retirement, emigrating to Vancouver to enjoy life and prioritise spending more time with his family.

In 2003, he was diagnosed with melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer, and subsequently underwent life-saving surgery. This proved to be a cathartic experience for him, generating concern for his family particularly his young grandchildren with a realization that the best way to safeguard their future was to protect the environment. Eager to create lasting change, Raymond came out of retirement and applied his business acumen and experience to advocating environmental protection. To this end he set up HeroesToo Foundation Ltd., an eco-education charity and SolutionsToo Ltd., an environmental social enterprise. He is an affiliate member of the Hong Kong Business Environment Council.

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