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CEO Raymond Yap poses with students after an environmental education workshop


At HeroesToo, we firmly believe in the inherent power within every individual to not only mitigate the pressing environmental issues of today but also to actively cultivate a flourishing and thriving planet for future generations. We are driven by a mission to create systemic solutions that nurture social, economic, and ecological well being for all. Through education, collaboration, and collective action, we strive to unleash the hero within each person, igniting a global movement towards restoration and regeneration. 


We provide the resources and support to turn ideas and aspirations into a lasting impact. But our mission stretches beyond individual actions. We actively foster teamwork and cooperation, bringing people together from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Implicating change on a global scale requires an interdisciplinary and shared approach. We hope to empower and unite people to join together and rise as the heroes our planet needs. 

HeroesToo eco festival


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