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Paving the path to a brighter future with the HeroesToo EcoPledge Education Program

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

HeroesToo works with schools, colleges and universities in an outreach programme, highlighting local and global sustainability issues through updated, relevant environmental awareness workshops to make the issues meaningful and alive.

Experiential classroom sessions with our trained facilitators and field trips enable students to acquire first hand knowledge, be engaged and inspired, discuss sustainable lifestyle solutions and take action.

The first stage is a school assembly introducing the EcoPledge Program to the entire school.

The second stage is themed eco-workshops led by our facilitators for individual classes. These workshops focus on food waste, plastic, paper, energy and water. They aim to showcase how natural resources used and mismanaged daily, increases our carbon footprint and contributes to climate change.

We believe it is crucial for the younger generation to understand the impact their daily activity makes on the environment and to provide them with ownership through the realisation their individual, small actions to engage and change can make a difference to larger changes.

In the third stage, the class share their learnings with the entire school in a final assembly. All students take the EcoPledge making a personal promise to undertake measurable changes in their lifestyle to reduce resource usage.

The fourth and final stage of the EcoPledge Program culminates with the school itself taking the EcoPledge, with the students assisting the School in monitoring and tracking the School's pledge over a period of time.

Measurable and tangible results have been achieved. To date the EcoPledge Program has resulted in schools reducing their yearly energy usage and paper costs to 5% or more.

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