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Tracking change: the best way to make a difference

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The HeroesToo EcoPledge is a personal, measurable commitment to reduce the use of one or more of the earth’s precious resources: water, energy, paper or food waste or plastic waste, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

The Heroes Too ethos is each one of us can make a difference on a global scale; if every individual makes a small, positive change, a critical mass can be reached and make a transformational impact.

The EcoPledge App

The EcoPledge App is our unique online tool to protect the environment through awareness of one’s daily resource consumption and building green habits. The app motivates individuals to track their eco-habits, rewards their efforts to reduce resource consumption and measures the carbon footprint gained/lost.

Sharing this App via social media increases the trend of leading a sustainable lifestyle through lowering resource usage and as more people participate a mass momentum is achieved.

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