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What is the Eco-Pledge?

The HeroesToo Eco-Pledge is a personal promise to make a measure reduction in one’s carbon footprint in one or multiple ways.  Here are a number of ways to calculate your carbon footprint: 


Chicken and Vegetable Salad

Eat Less Meat

Did you know choosing a more plant-based diet is the most powerful thing we can do for the environment and our health?

With our global population ever increasing, the demand for meat continues to increase. We need to reach a plateau in order to preserve livelihoods and  our environment. Otherwise we will deplete our resources and completely destroy ecosystems. Let’s do our part.

Create Less Waste

How much of our consumption is ending in landfills? Reducing waste means less environmental impact, less resources and energy used, all while saving money. 


The most effective way to reduce our waste is reusing the things we already have. Making a product requires a lot of materials and energy - from extracting raw resources from the earth, fabricating the product to transportation. As a result, reducing what we buy and reusing what we have are the most effective ways we can save natural resources, protect the environment and save money. If needed to buy, opt for second-hand products!

Use Less Energy

When we use less energy and power, we reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants  and thus conserve the earth’s natural resources. By taking steps to reduce our energy intake, not only will we contribute to a healthier and happier world, but we will also be saving a lot of money.


First reduce our consumption and reuse the items we already have, then make sure to recycle any packaging so it doesn’t go into the landfills or oceans.


Instead of disposable one time use packaging, let’s contribute to a circular economy by making sure to recycle all materials! Did you know plastic can only be recycled a set amount of times before it has to be thrown away? Opt for buying and using other materials. If using plastic is necessary, we can reuse it as much as we can before throwing it away! Recycling reduces and slows down the amount of waste that is being thrown into our landfills and oceans!   

Image by Javier Graterol
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