What is the EcoPledge?

The HeroesToo EcoPledge is a personal promise to make a measurable reduction in one’s non-renewable wastage in one or multiple ways.

Eating Less Meat

Healthier for both ourselves and the planet

Using Less Energy

Monitoring our electricity helps save money and our planet

Reducing Plastic Waste

Keep our oceans clean


Lessen the load on our landfills by partaking in sustainable consumption.

Pack of Fish

EcoPledge Individual

It is now easier than ever for individuals to join us in taking the EcoPledge. Our new web app, designed to track plastic wastage, provides people with an easy way to track their daily non-renewable and renewable usage in an engaging and fun way. Together we can make a difference!

EcoPledge Collective

At HeroesToo, we often encourage schools and institutions to join us in taking the EcoPledge, something we are trying to make easier than ever. Our currently developing EcoPledge dashboard is designed to help organisations track any number of non-renewable waste types. Keep checking for more updates in this space!



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