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Sustainable Design Competition - Bus Shelter

This competition involved students artistically sparring one another to create a design to feature on bus shelters around Hong Kong. The competition inspired participation from numerous people from a wide array of schools, companies and institutes.

Faculty members at the Hong Kong Design Institute made our challenge a compulsory assignment for its students. Kowloon Motor Bus Commission collaborated and used the winning designs on their bus shelters. This eventually led to local media outlets TVB Pearl, Roadshow and SCMP covering the event on-air.

Bus shelters are integral to Hong Kong’s intricate transportation system and are impossible to miss. Therefore, we chose bus shelters as the object of the sustainable design competition and to incorporate (without compromising on style) a design to both serve as an urban landscape icon and a billboard for environmental issues.

The bus shelter SDC attracted close to one hundred entries, including from students of several major academic institutions and design students from universities. We were pleasantly surprised to discover at some universities our bus shelter SDC had become part of the design syllabus. The competition also gained major support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club and Kowloon Motor Bus Company who even dedicated a couple of their shelters to the winning designs.

We held workshops during the competition which allowed students to receive a first-hand look at how architects designed prototypes for companies with the theme, of course, being sustainability.

The twelve finalist chosen constructed models to represent their idea and these were presented to the judging panel at our closing ceremony. The models were exhibited in Central Oasis where the public could view and gain an understanding of the concept behind the finalist’s work. Team TPA from Chu Hai College of Higher Education was announced champion.


Sustainable Design Competition - Rain Jacket

HeroesToo launched The Sustainable Design Competition in 2010 to promote sustainable living through eco-friendly lifestyle products.

The aim of the series’ first challenge was to find talented Hong Kong designers with ambitions and aspirations to be at the forefront of the ever-changing fashion industry with a range of sustainable fashion designs through development of low carbon clothing.

The competition was open to all local tertiary students who were asked to submit individual or team designs of a portable rain jacket using recycled materials. Nine finalists emerged from over 60 submissions. Materials were provided for the finalists to spark their creativity and they were invited to a workshop where industry professionals shared their expertise on different facets of sustainable fashion ranging from fabrics to entrepreneurship.

The finalists’ designs were showcased at a grand finale on 1st June before renowned designers in a judging panel including Walter Ma. Kerry Chong Chui Yi from Hong Kong Polytechnic University was declared the winner. In addition to having her design produced for retail, Kerry also won a cash prize of $10,000. Derek Chan Chun Kit and Tristan Yeung Man Fung placed first and second runners-up respectively, whilst the People’s Choice Award went to Natalie Wong S.T. Sadik.

We believe fashion is, and will continue to be, an integral part of our young people’s lives. By raising awareness of the need for sustainable clothing, not only can we encourage youngsters to become more conscientious consumers but also make a push for environmentally responsible production. The Sustainable Design Competition Series propeled this concept across other aspects of our lifestyles, making it a competition with realistic outcomes.

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