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Emerging from Crisis
Innovating for Sustainable Impact

Session Overview

Our session is a facilitated sneak peak into the world of ‘Design Thinking & Problem Solving’, where participants will be organised into small teams and guided through a practical framework for innovation, based on a real-world sustainability challenge.
We will hear case studies from industry leaders on how this method is being applied to generate positive impact, while 
uncovering the specific opportunities to improve learning 
engagement & encourage growth mindset.


Topic for the workshop:

How can we improve learning engagement and well-being while considering the theme of: People, Planet & Prosperity*

*The theme interlinks social well being, environmental health & economic welfare.

Who is this for?


Students & teachers returning to the classroom who believe we can (and should) work together to build an even better, ‘greener’ university life under the “new normal”.

Why Take Part?


Participants can expect to enhance their creativity, critical thinking & teamwork skills, through a series of interactive activities. They will learn to develop solutions and pitch their ideas to industry experts. Our goal is to help students expand their networks, inspire sustainable innovation and create greater awareness of future work opportunities.

Meet the Instructors


Joseph Ellis


Business agility coach and change leader at a top-tier bank in Hong Kong.  

Joe helps companies  create continuous customer value and adapt quickly to change.


Vivian Leung

Former management consulting analyst and tech startup founder.

Vivian now coaches teams at a global bank to scale value delivery and sustain business agility. 


Shubham Kumar


A Hong Kong-based educator who specialises in teaching English and Teacher Development.


Troy directs students towards creativity through exposure and engagement. 


Serena Lee


Mental health social  enterprise founder involved in advocacy, psychology research and clinical work.

Serena mentors early start-up ventures and builds empowerment among youth as catalysts of change.

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  1. All participants will be required to complete health declaration form before the workshop.

  2. All participants will be required to check their body temperatures before entering the venue.

  3. Hand sanitizers will be provided to participants before the session and will also be placed on their desks.

  4. All participants need to wear masks

  5. All participants need to carry their own water bottles and snacks

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