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The Blue Dot 

Blue dot is creating series of events, festivals, challenges, and competitions.  To build awareness and create a community of individuals who by living a more purposeful lifestyle, collectively believe that small acts measured collectively can have big impact.

This group wants to encourage and empower YOU to join us to lead a more purposeful lifestyle for the benefit of future generations. Lets protect OUR children, grandchildren, and future generations, YOU can help, YOU matter, OUR collective voice matters!

As a global inclusive group we respect diversity, religion, belief, and free responsible speech.

Current Events

Enola Gay Challenge

This movement is a reminder that civilization is more fragile then we realise.


What you love can be wiped out in a fraction of a second. Humanity is under threat. Global climate change, pollution, poverty, and wars undermine civilization. Cities and/or places we love might be gone if today we fail to act. We cannot go back to prevent Enola Gay, but we can be proactive and reduce the chance of us, human beings, destroying our planet.

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Coming Soon

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