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Please help us to raise funds for our June 5th event on World Environment Day


HeroesToo will be hosting a physical and live stream event called: THE BLUE DOT 2022 on June 5th 2022 which aims to spread awareness of the climate emergency we face and the importance of leading a mindful lifestyle. 


The event is non-profit and organized by volunteers. The funds that we are seeking are to provide tokens of appreciation to our musicians and equipment suppliers to help host a successful event that inspires meaningful action. 


Any donation would be much appreciated. Don’t miss this opportunity for you to support your community!



HKD1-499 - Any amount is greatly appreciated!

HKD 500 - 1 HeroesToo water bottle / 1 t-shirt + thank you letter

HKD1000 - Table for 2 + 2  HeroesToo water bottles / 2 t-shirts + thank you letter

HKD1500 - Table for 2 + 4  HeroesToo water bottles / 4 t-shirts + thank you letter

HKD2000 - Table for 4 + 4  HeroesToo water bottles / 4 t-shirts + thank you letter


To make a donation, please make payment to FPS: 101 785 376

HeroesToo Foundation Limited's Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited account: 012 916 11253 705.


Our keynote speaker at the event will be Alastair McIntosh: activist, academic, TedX speaker, and writer. We will also have the fun stuff: yoga for kids, a zentangle art jamming session and a healthy cooking and sharing session together with live music by artists Edmund Leung as well as Alex Chan.  Sign up to participate here - it's all free!

Our inspiration for the event comes from this narration by Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot.

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