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Food for Life is the latest social innovation outgrowth launched by the NGO HeroesToo, founded by Raymond Yap. This project embodies our unwavering commitment to creating a thriving and resilient planet. We strive to make improving the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our planet convenient and effortless by supplying the tools and resources to cultivate nutrient rich food at home. In addition to protecting people and the environment by reducing strain placed on land, the Food for Life distribution model uplifts individuals from low-income backgrounds by providing meaningful and purposeful work opportunities. Furthermore, the sustainable funding generated from this initiative supports for the environmental education endeavors of HeroesToo and other like-minded organizations.

We are dedicated to promoting the practice of sprouting as a transformative way to encourage individuals and communities to grow their own fresh, nutrient-rich sprouts. Sprouting is an active way to participate in regenerative food practices that benefit the environment. Sprouting embodies regeneration and environmental restoration as it requires minimal resources and reduces waste while reconnecting the household to one of nature’s intricacies.


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